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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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Foreign Education Centre® is always here to help the students to gain their Education throughout the world as well as to prevent the exploitation of their fees. We direct the students towards standard intuitions in the world so that they could brighten their future.

Foreign Education Centre® is an Authorized students recruitment agency, declared by it’s listed institutions around the world and is Registered with the Department of Registration of the Govt.Free Consultancy for UKForeign Education Centre doesn’t charge any consultancy fee from the students who want to go for studies to the UK.
The students are only required to fulfill the basic requirements for the admissions, which may include a minor registration fee of the Institute.We prepare the whole application for admission without any cost.The students are required to provide the required documents, the registration fee of the Institute, and the copy of Demand draft if they want the special admission letters.We charge our consultancy fee when our prepared students succeed to get visa.Education in Australia.Australia is a very popular destination for international students where now there are over 120,000 students studying in Australian universities and colleges.

Foreign Students.Foreign students’ percentage is growing day by day in Australian Educational Institutions and now it has crossed over 14% of all the students studying in Australia. As students and parents find too the many advantages of choosing Australia. More over Australia is providing Education of a very high standard, accepted and respected throughout the world.Australian education is also too expensive for foreigners as well as they are permitted to do part time work.Australia offers a safe and friendly environment - with low level of crime Australia is one of the safest countries in the world to study.
Many teachers are employed in the field they teach, bringing the latest professional and technical expertise to the classroom. Almost all TAFE institutes offer pathways to study at Australian universities. Foundation Studies and Bridging ProgramsFor international students, Foundation Studies courses and Bridging Programs provide an ideal pathway to undergraduate study at universities in Australia.

Foundation Studies courses were introduced to meet the needs of overseas students from different countries and educational backgrounds.Study Abroad and ExchangeAustralia is a popular destination for Study Abroad and Exchange students, mainly from Europe and North America.

Students come for single or (often extended to) double semester (full year) programs, gaining academic credit toward their degrees back home.